Since 2008, NOMINOË Cosmetics has drawn its inspiration from the plains, moors, coasts, and dunes of Brittany.

Botanical treasures such as gorse, rock samphire, and blue dune thistle flowers are used to create bespoke cosmetics whose powerful actives and unsuspected beneficial effects will amaze you.

NOMINOË's exclusive product formulas are created in-house and in collaboration with a research and formulation laboratory.
The strength of NOMINOË's formulas lies in the utmost care with which we select and assemble the raw materials, ensuring facial and body skincare products with luxurious textures that nurture the most sensitive skins.

NOMINOË is deeply commited to the environment, hence all our products are labeled as organic and certified by ECOCERT and come with no additional packaging.

Eager to promote local artisanry, NOMINOË limits its manufacturing and processing to the Finistère and Côtes d'Armor regions of Brittany.

NOMINOË Cosmetics was created in 2008 by Jeremias Martins and Arnaud Fourel.
After having worked at a renowned luxury brand, Arnaud wanted to offer customers more personalized products recalling his native region of Brittany.
Jeremias, a former chief financial officer at a large company, dreamed of starting his own business from scratch.

Arnaud has been familiar with botanicals of Brittany since he was a young child growing up in Morbihan.
Whatever the weather, he loves walking in the countryside and along the Breton coasts, always on the lookout for plants that could be used in future products.
He is the creative and artistic force behind NOMINOË.
He is also the one who mischievously slips salted butter toffees into each parcel.
Jeremias adores his clients and uses his wit and expertise to educate them about the beneficial effects of NOMINOË products.
Our customers swear by his knowledge and kindness.
He's also the number-cruncher because it's not Arnaud's thing.

NOMINOË Cosmetics is an independent French brand that is not beholden to any other cosmetics company. Its independent spirit was born from its founders' desire to stay close to its customers.
NOMINOË is deeply commited to designing useful and beautiful wellness products that deliver results, products that inspire a fiercely loyal customer base.